Weekly Music Project - Song #49

December 8, 2014

Back to one of those busy weeks again, with a 100 hour film race project on my plate, wherein I score a short film over the course of a few days. But before that weekend madness kicks off, let's get this week's song put together using these new elements:

Maschine's new arpeggiator feature triggering the Monark synth's '2Pranged' preset, played in via the Maschine Studio pads to form the groove for our initial verse.

A slightly off-kilter synth melody from the Reaktor Prism 'Partial Piano' patch processed by the ValhallaRoom Large Room engine.

Key equipment/software used for production:

- Native Instruments Prism synth plug-in
- Native Instruments Monark synth plug-in
- Psychic Modulation Phonec synth plug-in
- CamelAudio Alchemy synth plug-in
- Steinberg Retrologue synth plug-in
- Native Instruments Maschine Studio
- ValhallaDSP Room & Shimmer reverb plug-ins

Key: F# minor
BPM: 62
Time Signature: 4/4