Weekly Music Project - Song #2

January 12, 2014

Week 2 flew by, yet I managed to work through a few different versions of this track and end up with one I love. Give it a listen below, and download the MP3 to your library:

Continuing the exploration of texture and distortion, this piece gets plenty of use out of reverb and overdrive effects, plus my new favorite iPad app running through my new favorite analog delay pedal.

I should note that these productions are quickly mixed to the best of my ability, but most definitely un-mastered. This means you will likely need to turn up your speakers or headphones a bit louder than usual to get the proper effect. I prefer to spend my efforts each week on the music portion so as not to get too bogged down on technicalities.

You can also follow along with each submission via this new SoundCloud Set I have created: https://soundcloud.com/exitsigns/sets/weekly-music-project-2014

And don't forget that these songs are cross-posted to Weekly Beats, under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) terms. The community there has already proven to be quite supportive with helpful comments on my recent tracks: http://weeklybeats.com/#/matthew+flook

Thanks for embarking on this journey with me!