Weekly Music Project - Song #13

March 31, 2014

Big news is coming your way tomorrow, but in the meantime please feast your eyes on this:

And your ears on this...

Featuring Branden Clarke of IG88 - http://ig88.net

All right you guys, it's milestone time. And what better way to celebrate the first successful quarter of these weekly songs than to release one of my favorites thus far, featuring my buddy IG88? It's been a fun but challenging three months, and I look forward to recording more fresh sounds over the next nine this year.

Keep an eye on http://exitsignsmusic.com over the next few days for the release of these first 13 songs in re-mastered album form, which will be available via BandCamp at the low price of $0 - $Your Choice. This "Winter" LP will be the first of 4 throughout the year and should be a nice way to review the linear progression of this project from start to finish, downloaded to your favorite device(s).

This week's song came from a hopeful mindset and employed many new sounds that I hadn't worked with previously, not to mention the sampled melodies and drum programming that Branden Clarke of IG88 contributed to the production. Several of Boscomac's (http://boscomac.free.fr/) outstanding Reaktor creations were put to use for piano, drums, synth bass, and shimmering reverb, while the rest of the track came from some of my more common instruments and effects. I did utilize some creative routing of audio in Cubase to execute some cool resampling of drum sounds, then processed these further with time-stretching, reverse, delay, and panning effects.

IG88's sounds come in the form of a haunting syncopated melody derived from some sort of sampled material, a skittering hi-hat rhythm in the mid-section, and a big kick drum sequence that really propels the bridge / chorus of the song forward. I look forward to more collaborations like this one!

Key equipment/software used for production:

- Studio Projects C1 condenser mic
- Novation V-Station plug-in
- Twisted Tools S-Layer Reaktor ensemble
- Boscomac Air Piano Reaktor ensemble
- Boscomac Memory Stick 20 Reaktor ensemble
- Boscomac The Chiller Reaktor ensemble
- Boscomac Stellar Reaktor ensemble
- iZotope BreakTweaker plug-in
- Native Instruments Maschine MKI
- ValhallaDSP ValhallaRoom plug-in
- Audio Damage Eos plug-in

Key: Ab minor
BPM: 132
Time Signature: 4/4

Thanks for sticking with me, guys!