Three Phases down, one to go

October 1, 2014

Yesterday saw the release of Summer Phase, a culmination of music covering my very hectic and fun-filled season. Give it a spin on BandCamp below, and download it in any format (and at any price) of your choosing:

What a magical summer it has been, filled with wonderful BBQs, weddings, shows, road trips, and even an unexpected trip to Mexico. I'm not going to lie: it's been tricky to stay on track and complete the recording of a new song each week, simply due to those frustrating limits on the allotted time in each day. But, we must stay the course.

A couple of the songs produced this quarter were admittedly not my best, and the only excuse here is that real life time restriction I mentioned… but on the flipside, a few of these songs are my absolute favorite from the entire year. While some tunes can spontaneously appear in the span of an hour or two, the ones I'm extra proud of most definitely required more time and patience. Hopefully those tedious hours spent sequencing beats and automating fancy synth passages paid off for your ears. I'm very happy with some of those results, comprised of a nice blend of both meticulously-crafted programming as well as raw field recordings and guitar/vocals/analog synths.

But the days are growing noticeably shorter, and it's nearly time to retreat into the basement studio for another long and rainy hibernation. Take these songs, play and remix them to your heart's content, and stay tuned for more songs fresh from the Exit Signs Studio. I will make it through the year's end, and even have some slight delusions of continuing this endeavor into future years. We'll see, my friends…