The New Year Brings a New Weekly Song Project

January 1, 2014

In addition to the usual resolutions regarding more exercise and such, I've set a new goal for myself focused on ramping up music output from the Exit Signs studio. This project will comprise of a new recording each week, posted to SoundCloud and ultimately this blog. Many of these original tracks will be shorter instrumental experiments, some will be full productions, a couple may later turn into Pinscape songs, and a few may just be drum loops that I'm jamming on.

At the end of 2014 we'll have about 50 songs on the table (assuming I'll skip a few weeks for vacation). This collection will end up on BandCamp as a free download for you all to enjoy, remix, use as a ringtone, incorporate into your film project, etc. I hope to learn a lot along the way and share my discoveries through more posts here, some accompanying "making of" videos, and generally more consistent output than I've managed previously.

As this first day of the year has been a sluggish one for me - consisting mainly of take-out food and couch time - you won't be hearing the first of these tracks quite yet. Check back in a few days for the result, and stick with me throughout the year to see where this experiment goes. I expect the music to take some twists and turns I'm not yet imagining, and hopefully inspire others to hit the studio hard this new year. Catch you all soon! In the mean-time I'll be locked up in here making lots of noise...

Winter time studio