Introduction and Portland Film Festival involvement

August 30, 2013

Allow me to introduce myself, as I've been doing a rather fine job hiding myself from the web for a good many years now: I am Matthew Flook, working stiff by day and electronic music production nut by night. Exit Signs is the home base for my production work, primarily focused on film score projects. But Exit Signs also has a number of branches protruding outwards, connecting to my electronic dream pop duo Pinscape, brother-sister synth pop project Sevy Verna, and regular audio work with local film team Monsieur Soeur.

This week has been full of excitement for me, as I had no less than 3 events showcasing my work at the first ever Portland Film Festival. We brought Pinscape to the stage for the opening night in NW and had a great show, I caught the screening of Pedagog by Richard Beardsley featuring my sound design, and this Sunday night will end with the screening of a short film I recently scored called Miasma by Monsieur Soeur. Miasma was created for the 48 Hour Film Project and was voted Best Film, for which we are incredibly honored.

As this busy month winds down I can only look forward to many great projects on the horizon. We are putting the final touches on the debut Pinscape full-length and intend to book a number of shows for the fall, and I intend to keep you all posted on such things right here at the Exit Signs hub. Stay tuned for additional content such as tutorials and tips for my favorite audio software, gear reviews, and of course new music from my studio.