TQI Sound is a platform for the audio works of Matthew Flook, acting as a sound design & film score licensing house, production & mixing studio, and a label to numerous connected music projects. Following a humble start crafting scores for local Portland filmmaking team Monsieur Soeur, the TQI portfolio has grown with additional collaborations in visual and audio mediums.

Stylistically jumping between evocative electronic yet organic soundscapes, retro analog synth textures, digitally-processed glitch beats, and AI-generated melodies & rhythms - all bases are covered here.

The TQI Sound network includes TQI, Pinscape, Exit Signs, Sevy-Verna, Wake System, and other connected projects in the works. Collaborators include Monsieur Soeur, The Amelus, Vietchess, and Jatun.

The moniker originates from a styrofoam tiki decoration that has adorned each of Flook’s various music studios since the basement beginnings of early audio experimentation, and continues to watch over him to this very day.